Neon Spheres

Amidst the din of this pandemic, looking back, there was this particular day when I forgot about all of that (or perhaps it was part of a day) and what emerged was a track that was inspired by nothing more than the desire to write a simple and uncolored pop song. Lyrically trite in places, I'll admit, but sitting in front of a well-heated tube amp -- and at nearly full tilt, I could call it a special vacation of sorts -- and I was inspired.
Back to basics... a pop song and blisteringly-overdriven hard-panned left & right guitars -- which later made way for a pedal-steel mid-section out of nowhere. So much fun -- and as these tracks started to layer together, it was just like any other (non-pandemic) day.


I also remember being so inspired to finish the song that I had the idea to try and record my own drumming, and while (in my head) it was working out... on tape I was pretty much left with an intro and half-verse worth of steady playing -- the rest was unusable. But as luck would have it, Chris Harris had his kit all mic'd up in his basement ready to go (as if he knew that I'd be calling). So I sent Chris a bass track and scratch guitar and vocals (I ultimately kept the scratch guitar and vocal tracks in the final mix, even with some tuning inconsistencies) and his drums were just what the song needed.

Here's to pop songs with no pandemic themes -- made simply, as evidence that things can return to normal again. So please turn it up while we all look forward to every day as a normal one  -- together.

Maybe the next  track will be made possible by the "vaccination jams." Until then... I will look forward to days like this, where songs materialize out of thin air for no apparent reason, and provide timeless enjoyment.


Dave’s new music echoes the excitement of early Elvis Costello, the sonic impact of Sugar or Dinosaur Jr., and the melodic kick of The Smithereens.






Longtime fans of the Boston rock scene may remember seeing “The Next” spray-painted on walls and bridges from Kenmore Square to Allston, and hearing Sidewalk Gallery on Boston airwaves in the 80’s and 90’s. Both bands featured the distinct harmonies of twin brothers Dave and Brian Charles, who still live and make music here. Dave has branched out from his early days as a lead guitarist and ace bassist to exploring pedal steel,

blues and country slide guitar, and experimenting with alternate tunings while crafting new songs that blend his best pop instincts with growling guitar-driven melodies. Fronting his own band for the first time as a solo artist sans Brian, Dave’s new music echoes the excitement of early Elvis Costello, the sonic impact of Sugar or Dinosaur Jr., and the melodic kick of The Smithereens.


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